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one last calendar from mom

(I posted this on Facebook but I wanted to share it here too)

I took down the 2009 calendars last week without much thought to it. But over the last few days something began to nag at me and I didn’t realize what it was until today. It was the empty spaces where the calendars had been with no new ones bearing the new year.

I admit I don’t really use calendars all that much, I’m more apt to look at my phone or Outlook before I go to the picture calendar on the wall. But my Mom always had them and she always always bought an extra for us, just in case we’d want one.

So there I stood in the kitchen, a little melancholy, thinking that I’d need to go buy new ones for the apt. As I looked toward the microwave I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. It looked like a calendar (no way I’m thinking no way) but that’s what it was. A 2010 calendar my Mom must have bought and left there for the time when it’d be needed. I shouldn’t be surprised because that’s how she was about little things like that.

How long I stood there looking at that calendar before I hung it up I’m not sure but as I did a big smile came to my face and I said, “Thanks for one more calendar, Mom”


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