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she always loved a good ‘whodunit’

Mother’s Day 2010 was on a Sunday and like most people whose mothers have died this day would evoke a certain amount of emotion.  For me, though,  it wasn’t the date it was what aired on TV that made me curl up under my blanket and cry.

When I was younger TV was watched in the living room, although my parents had a small set in their bedroom, we generally watched together in the living room.  I remember how I used jam myself into my dad’s chair (much to his annoyance) to watch with him.  I remember him constantly telling me to get out of his chair and the look he would give me when I didn’t.  It’s funny, I never realized that he didn’t actually try to make me move.

After he died I slowly began to sitting on the end of my mom’s bed to watch with her.   As it was with my father we enjoyed similar things although not science fiction; that’s a story for another time.   Murder mysteries, dramas and the police procedural.  From Ellery Queen to Mannix and Police Story.  Eight is Enough to St. Elsewhere with many stops in between.  Although my dad and I watched a lot science fiction, which by the way is still my favorite thing to watch, I enjoyed the time with my mom more.  I think it was because we talked about what we watched trying to piece together or comment on the character’s motives or whatever.  My dad and I never did that, I suppose its because I was too young.  I like to hope that we’d have gotten around to that.

But she always loved a good ‘whodunit’, we both did and with Mystery, Masterpiece Theater we had murder and drama galore.  In the last years from the BBC came Foyle’s War which was a police drama set in England during WWII and on CBS came the Jesse Stone movies starring Tom Selleck.  I was more of a fan of the former but I’d hang with mom and watch the latter, hey its Magnum.

So imagine discovering that these shows would be airing new episodes/movie of the week on Sunday which just happens to be Mother’s Day.  Who was I going to watch with?  Simple question even simpler answer.  I was going to watch them by myself, I was going to try fit the clues together to solve the crime…I was going to do what we’d done so many times before because she wouldn’t have it any other way.  I cried though, I really cried but I watched and I’ll continue to do so for years to come.  You see I’ve come to love a good ‘whodunit’ too.  Thanks Mom.


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