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Our time for goodbye

I’ve been trying to write about a moment between my mother and I, our last real time together.  I start then I stop, then I delete then I begin again repeating this cycle.  Try as I might to translate into words the memory, which is so clear in my mind, I fail.  Maybe I’m not […]

I forgot…

  I forgot. For just a moment, I forgot. In that moment, I saw something trivial and I started to rise from my chair. I was coming to tell you…you never seemed to mind when I did. Even when you didn’t know exactly what I was talking about. In that fraction of a moment everything […]


I started this project years ago, I thought it would help me cope with the abundant amount of emotions I felt but life continued to happen and it got set aside.  In an attempt to complete what I started here’s the first thing I wrote down about two weeks or so after my mother died. […]

when all you can do is wait

September 26, 2009 would be the start of the longest, most difficult five and half days of my life.  These were the last days of my mother’s life, when all I could do was wait.  Like her, like everyone I suppose I’d been waiting since that afternoon in April when she returned home with the […]

what things we leave behind

when a person dies they leave so many things behind; things that are tangible and many that aren’t.

she always loved a good ‘whodunit’

Mother’s Day 2010 was on a Sunday and like most people whose mothers have died this day would evoke a certain amount of emotion.  For me, though,  it wasn’t the date it was what aired on TV that made me curl up under my blanket and cry. When I was younger TV was watched in […]

what more can i say

(I posted this on Facebook but I wanted to share it here too) It was almost a month and a half before my 10th birthday when my father suddenly died. One moment I was saying goodnight and about thirty minutes later he was gone. I often wondered that if there had been any indication of […]